The supersonic aircraft for the first time in history will receive a 4K monitor instead of a windshield. All because of the strange shape!

The development of the X-59 is engaged in aircraft manufacturingLockheed Martin concern, the cost of the project is $ 247 million. It is assumed that the plane should fly much faster than the speed of sound, but not produce a sound strike - in any case, for an observer from Earth, it should be no louder than the car’s slammed door, they say the company.

The cockpit accommodates only one pilot -it is slightly closer to the nose than the two rather small wings of an exotic form. The design of the cockpit allows the pilot to look through the windshield only sideways - the installation of a conventional aircraft cockpit does not allow to avoid sonic impact when switching to supersonic speed, the company notes.


Instead of a windshield in the cabin will be installed4K monitor, which will become part of the so-called external visibility system, or XVS. A combined image of two cameras mounted on the bow of the ship will be displayed on it.

Now the X-59 is under construction, Lockheed Martin plans to conduct the first flight tests of the device in 2021.

Earlier, the aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus heldA new stage of flight tests of an AlbatrossOne unmanned aircraft with a wing design made in the likeness of an albatross wing - with partially moving tips. This feature will reduce the impact of turbulence and wind gusts on the unit.