The Twitter app will now tweet

The Verge editors noticed that in the Twitter app on iOS, when you swipe down to refresh your feed,

you will hear some new sounds.One of them is a small trill that sounds when you first pull out the tape, and after the update is complete, a brief confirmation sounds (although the sounds are very unnatural).

The Verhe editor @jaypeters made a note so you can check out the new sounds.

It is not known exactly when this change took place, butshe was first noticed on Friday, and since then, many tweets about “tweeting” on Twitter have been noticed. Although there have been mentions of a new sound before, which could mean that the update is gradually rolling out to users.

Apparently, this is not only a change for iOS. The same sound was heard by one of The Verge editors using an Android smartphone @pervsinner.

If you want to hear the sound on your ownphone, just try pulling down to refresh the feed. If you don't hear this, try force closing the Twitter app and reopening it, and make sure you're on the latest version of the app. We're not sure how widespread this is, so you may not have sounds yet even if you try these steps.