The Ukrainian military showed a "homemade" MLRS mounted on the chassis of an ordinary car

Images appeared on the @UAWeapons page on Twitter, judging by which our military is installing MLRS on the chassis

regular pickups.

Multiple launch rocket system in questionspeech in this case, has acquired additional stabilization and uses C-8 missiles. They have a caliber of 80 mm and are designed to destroy both manpower and equipment of the enemy. An impromptu MLRS control system is installed inside the vehicle.

C-8s are air-to-ground missiles.Their carriers are bombers, fighters, attack aircraft and helicopters. Ground installations with such missiles are not very accurate, but they are still suitable for strikes against enemy positions.

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Unfortunately, the military did not show howa stable base for the MLRS is an ordinary car. But a video of the results of using a “home-made” multiple launch rocket system was published. It can be viewed below.

Source: Military, @UAWeapons