The United States, Japan and South Korea announced the launch of a ballistic missile in the DPRK on the eve of the visit of Kamala Harris to Seoul - it flew 600 km at a speed of 6200 km/h

Ahead of US Vice President Kamala Harris's visit to Seoul, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Jong-un gave the order to test the ballistic missile.

What is known

North Korea launched a missile towards the sea neareast coast ahead of the visit of Kamala Harris and the planned military exercises of South Korean and American forces (September 26-29). Three countries announced this at once: the USA, South Korea and Japan.

South Korean military says North Korealaunched one medium-range ballistic missile on September 25 at approximately 01:00 (EET). It flew approximately 600 km at an altitude of 60 km at a speed of almost 6200 km (M=5).

Joint Chiefs Committee of South Koreacalled the actions of the northern neighbor a provocation and a threat to security both for the peninsula and for the international community. After the launch, the South Korean military discussed the situation with their American counterparts and confirmed their readiness to respond to any threat or provocation from Pyongyang.

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The National Security Council of South Korea wascompelled to hold an emergency meeting to discuss response measures. The coordination body condemned the launch and regarded it as a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu HamadaHamada reported that the Japanese military estimated that the maximum flight altitude of the ballistic missile was 50 km. It fell outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan and did not affect shipping or air traffic in any way.

Images: The Independent, BBC