The United States worried about the dominance of Russia in hypersonic technology

As it became known, the United States is concerned about the country's lag behind Russia in the development of a hypersonic

weapons. This was announced by the Deputy Commander of the US Space Force, Lieutenant General David Thompson.

According to him, Russia, like China, escapedforward in their hypersonic programs. At the same time, he noted that the United States is "very quickly making up for lost time" - this is necessary for the country in order to simply match the capabilities of its rivals.

Interestingly, the American general alsoconfirmed that the backlog of Washington is associated with the slowness of the process of public procurement in the military sphere. Because of this, right now the US is busy trying to "determine the type of satellite constellation" needed to track hypersonic missiles.

This is a new challenge, but the point is not that we do not have an answer to this challenge. We just need to figure it out, fully design and run. David Thompson