The video showed the teachings of medical special forces of Russia

The video showed the teachings of the medical special forces of Russia. Specialists as part of the audit deployed field

hospital near Yekaterinburg.

The video on YouTube was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. It is reported that a special-purpose medical detachment of the district hospital of the Central Military District conducts special exercises. Its goal is to increase the level of preparedness of medical specialists, machinery and equipment for localization of emergency situations that may arise due to the spread of viral infection.

The military medical unit has already made a march on standard equipment. At their destination, they deployed a field hospital of container modules with modern medical equipment and technology.

In particular, the military hadlaboratory diagnostic module, with which you can conduct up to 1.5 thousand x-ray, fluorographic and ultrasound examinations per day. The troops also involved in the pre-dressing exercise, which allows providing assistance to more than 60 patients per day, a dressing room, an operating room, intensive care unit, an intensive care unit, and a mobile medical aid complex.