The world's most powerful supercomputer is in operation. He will study COVID-19

The world's fastest supercomputer, located in Japan, is officially available for

researchers and is working at full capacity. It can now be used for projects ranging from climate change to drug discovery.

Fugaku supercomputer construction,hosted by the Japanese research institute Riken, began in 2014, with the device expected to become the future pillar of the country's high-performance computing infrastructure.

The delivery of 432 Fugaku racks was completed in May2020, testing of the system has continued since then, mainly as part of projects aimed at accelerating research to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Japanese Research Organization for Informatics and Technology (RIST) has already selected 74 research projects to be implemented starting next month.

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Fugaku Ultra High Performance Computerbegan full-scale work. We are looking forward to when this most powerful "external brain" ever created by mankind will help expand our knowledge, will allow us to better understand the foundations of matter both in time and in space, will give us a better structural and functional analysis of life, society and industry, will make more accurate predictions; and even design an unknown future for humanity, ”the scientists noted.

The device is designed for simulationshigh resolution, long run time and large-scale simulations. Its performance is one hundred times higher than that of analogs. This unprecedented processing power has allowed the device to take first place in the Top500 list, which ranks the 500 most powerful computer systems worldwide, twice in a row.

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