There was enough organic carbon on Mars for the existence of life - NASA scientists decoded data from Curiosity

NASA specialists spent several years deciphering data from the Curiosity rover, which measured the level

organic carbon on the Red Planet.

What is known

The rover did a survey a few years ago,and only now NASA scientists have been able to establish that there used to be enough carbon on Mars for the appearance and existence of living organisms. Unfortunately, the experiment does not answer the question of whether there was life on the Red Planet.

The device used for the study wascalled Sample Analysis at Mars, installed on the Curiosity rover. This is an oven with gas sensors. Rock samples of Mars managed to heat up before the start of a chemical reaction with oxygen. Due to the high energy consumption, the experiment was performed only once.

As a result of the reaction, CO2 was formed in the chamber, withby which scientists estimated the carbon content. As it turned out, at least 200-273 parts of organic carbon per million were found in the rock. In some parts of the Earth, fewer have been recorded. For example, in the Atakami Desert.

Source: NASA

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