There will be no loot boxes in Need for Speed ​​Heat, but you can’t escape from donations

Electronic Arts became one of the companies that popularized loot boxes, so after the announcement of Need for Speed ​​Heat, gamers

They immediately raised the issue of monetization. At Payback, car parts were issued from “boxes.” Players criticized this approach, and this time the developers decided not to step on the same rake.

What is known

EA Community Relations Manager Ben“F8RGE” Wolk took to Reddit to answer questions from gamers. According to a company representative, gamers will not encounter loot boxes in Heat. The developers do not plan to introduce “surprise mechanics”, but they will not do without additional monetization.

“We plan to release paid DLC afterlaunch in the form of car packages. Later this year we will be introducing a time-saving pack that will show collectibles on the map. Honestly, that's all. No loot boxes or anything else,” Wolk wrote.

It seems that the old-fashioned racers will earn money during races, and then buy parts for them in the garage.

Let us remind you that Need for Speed ​​Heat will be released on November 8th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.