This sign on the legs indicates high cholesterol. Test yourself

High cholesterol levels can go unnoticed and negatively affect the body. To

Fortunately, there are external signs by which there is a chance to understand that something is wrong. Discuss

One of the clearest signs of high cholesterol is ulcers. And they can form on the legs.

Experts emphasize that if in the blooda person accumulates a lot of cholesterol and other dangerous substances, then problems arise in the body. By themselves, the vessels in this case narrow, and blood circulation worsens. If the blood becomes insufficient, then a condition such as critical limb ischemia occurs. It is very difficult to treat this disease.

A characteristic symptom of high cholesterol levels can be the appearance of open sores on the feet and legs. Moreover, their main difference from ordinary wounds is that they never heal.

In addition, you may begin to go numb, freeze, blush, and after that, your feet may turn black.

Among other serious signs, experts fromThe National Health Service has identified a severe burning pain in the legs that does not go away even at rest; smooth, dry, pale and shiny skin; loss of muscle mass in the legs.

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