Three new chips in Instagram

Active users of the social network Instagram could already notice the innovations in the social network. But it is not yet

everything. Three new chips will be available for mass use in the near future. And we are talking about, as you might have guessed, about the changes in the stories on Instagram. So, first things first ...

The first ... At the moment in the history of userscan share either a photo or video with subscribers, not counting the “Text” mode. Soon everything will change. The new History user interface in the application will assume a division into three separate modes called “Live”, “Camera” and “Create”. The first, based on its name, will offer the opportunity to broadcast live on Instagram. The second mode “Camera” will contain the current functions: Boomerang, Superzoom, Focus, Rewind, etc.

The third mode Create will be created specifically for the possibility of sharing content, but not with the help of photos and videos, but with the help of text, including interactive lines, polls, questions, etc.

The second innovation is the collection stickers.donations. Users will be able to make money transfers through stickers in support of non-profit organizations. Charitable organizations will be able to request donations from their subscribers, and advertisers will be able to pay accounts that participate in campaigns.

And the third novelty is the new feature “Shopping fromcreators. Users will be able to directly buy products from such influential people as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. To do this, Instagram users simply need to click on the message and click one of the marked items.

This new feature will begin to spread amongusers next week, but initially it will be limited to a small group of creators. In addition to the three mentioned above, Chris Jenner, Chiara Ferrany, Camila Coelho and Katie Sturino will have access to the tools. Elle, GQ, HypeBeast and Refinery29 publishers will also be able to label products. You can buy from Adidas, Nike, Burberry, Prada, Michael Kors, Mac, Kylie Cosmetics, H & M and Zara.