Tick ​​Tok app: how to use and shoot video

Many users do not know how to use Tick Tok, how to shoot cool cool videos, how to become

popular in the application what are life hacks likeget into recommendations. Meanwhile, the TikTok application is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Therefore, we decided to write for you detailed instructions on all the topics listed above.

How to use Tick Tok

At the first meeting you may be nothingIt’s clear that neither the application’s concept, nor how to use TikTok, nor which videos to shoot and publish at all. However, the users of this service are not only ordinary people, but also well-known personalities, stars, even politicians.

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How to register?

If you just want to be an observer, youYou can use Tick Tok without registration. Registration is necessary only for those who are going to create and upload videos themselves. And to watch funny cool videos, it is not required at all. Immediately after downloading the application, you can watch popular videos.

If you still decide to register, thenYou will need a phone number, email, or a third-party platform such as Facebook. You will be asked to create your nickname. There is a “I” tab in the bottom panel: here you can change personal data, add a link to Instagram and YouTube in Tick Tok, add a description, change photos and videos, etc. Here you can also see how many likes, subscribers and subscriptions you have.

How to watch a video?

The main screen of the Tick Tok application immediately offersYou watch popular videos. In the upper part you will see two tabs - Subscriptions (videos published by people you follow) and Recommended (videos for you). There is also an Interesting tab in the bottom panel - there the videos are combined by hashtags. Please note that when watching any video, additional options are always available to you: viewing the song that plays the video, link to the author of the video, comments, likes, the Share button to copy the link to the video or send the video to another platform.

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How and which videos to shoot in Tick Tok?

A little bit accustomed ... Then we move on to the most important thing: how to shoot, upload and publish video on TikTok. And most importantly, what and how to shoot a video.

In the bottom panel we find the bold "+" button tostart shooting your video. Below you can choose the duration of the video - 60 seconds, 15 seconds. Or choose “Themes” - there are a huge number of creative design options for your photos.

At the top of the screen there is a button “Music” -here you need to select a song that will be added to your Tick Tok video. You will also find the “Effects” buttons here (you can take a lot of different cool videos, the button will turn the camera from the main one to the selfie, the button to change the video speed, filters, the “beauty” button (removes all irregularities on the face) and the “timer” button to shoot without using your hands. Next, just turn on the fantasy and start shooting, and then publish the video. At first you can see how others shoot and do something similar, and then trample your ideas.

By the way, you can also participate in certain challenges that can be found by common hashtags.

How to get into Tick Tok recommendations

Many users are wondering how to get into the TikTok recommendations. Here are some suggestions for this:

  • shoot only high-quality and interesting videos that are not like the others
  • put hashtags
  • watch what trends are in Tick Tok now and make videos according to them
  • Encourage users to like and follow you.

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