Tim Cook promises new amazing Apple devices

At the meeting of Apple shareholders, the head of the corporation Tim Cook spoke about plans for the future.In the light of the latter

events (a decline in iPhone sales), the company will focus its efforts on an equally profitable business – online services.Apple Pay is doing well financially, not all developers have fled the App Store yet, it is stableThis year, Apple aims to reach $50 billion in revenue from services.

Seeds of fantastic products

However, on the iron front the company does notgoing to rest on our laurels or give up. Cook has announced that seeds of new and amazing products have been planted, which users will like. One of these products are assumed to be AR-glasses, which are predicted to have a very bright future. Some experts believe that glasses will become even more popular and significant for the market and company than the current leader, the iPhone. According to analysts, after the entry of Apple glasses to the market, they will become the main generator of profit. According to preliminary data, the launch is scheduled for 2021.

In addition, a new generation of AirPods is expected, andalso the fifth generation Apple Watch, in which an electrocardiograph will appear to check for abnormal heart rhythms. Also, the clock will have a lot of additional features that are not available to competitors, including monitoring glucose. For diabetics, this device will be like a saving stick. Accordingly, sales volumes, even with a modest calculation, may surprise shareholders. In general, the head of the company, despite some difficulties, is very optimistic about the future of Apple.