Times named the top 10 gadgets of the decade: the original Apple iPad and Tesla Model S electric car topped the list

The famous American magazine Times published the TOP 10 most important gadgets of the last ten years.

Who comes first?

First place was given to the original iPad, whichcame out in 2010. According to the Times, this tablet redefined the concept of a "compact computer" and set a trend for such devices. Second place went to the “gadget on wheels” Tesla Model S. This is an electric car that, according to the magazine, has greatly influenced the automotive industry.

In third place is the single-boarda computer the size of a bank card Raspberry Pi (2012). It is followed by the Google Chromecast digital media player (2013), DJI Phantom drone (2013), Amazon Echo smart speaker (2014), Apple Watch smart watch (2014), Apple AirPods TWS headphones, compact gaming console Nintendo Switch (2017) and Xbox Adaptive Controller (2018).

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