Tiny Ultrasound Stickers Continuously Scan Your Entire Body

According to the authors, this technology will help create stickers and stickers that can wirelessly

track any objects in the body.

Typically, ultrasound procedures use a thicka cold gel that is applied to the skin before the probe is inserted. This gel is necessary for a clear transmission of ultrasonic waves from the probe to the internal organs and back.

The authors of the new work came up with an innovation, theyplaced the hydrogel in a thin elastomeric membrane. The result is an ideal elastic material that adheres to the skin and effectively transmits ultrasonic waves.

The elastomer prevents dehydration of the hydrogel, the authors explain.

The other part of the device contains an array of hundredstiny ultrasonic transducers. Study co-author Chonghae Wang said that this combination of a dense array of sensors with an elastic hybrid of elastomer and hydrogel allows the device to perform stably.

Using the sticker, the researchers were able to seehow the stomach expands and contracts when the volunteer drank a glass of juice. It can also track muscles when a person lifts weights to inform them of a potentially traumatic exercise.

The authors want to use their patches in tandem with a mobile app and AI to automatically track and analyze metrics.

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