Tools of labor and a meter-long mammoth tusk were found at the parking lot of people of the Paleolithic era

Afontova Gora is an archaeological group of five sites of the Late Paleolithic. Located in Russia near the city

Krasnoyarsk, on the left bank of the Yenisei. This year, 11 thousand square meters are being excavated here.

Mount Afontova IV was discovered 100 years ago, but still remains poorly understood.

As a result of work on this array of parking lots,archaeologists have found a meter-long mammoth tusk and about 4 thousand other artifacts. Such finds are quite rare, said Timofey Klyuchnikov, director of the Archaeological Exploration of Siberia Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.

At the Paleolithic site "Afontova Gora", a mammoth tusk, more than a meter in size, was found.

Timofey Klyuchnikov, Director of the ANO "Archaeological Exploration of Siberia"

Archaeological research on Mount Afontovabegan in 1884. For more than a century of research, a mass of artifacts was revealed, in particular stone and bone tools, animal and human bones. Evidence has been obtained indicating that man tamed the dog 15-17 thousand years ago.

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