Top apps for iPad Air 2019 and iPad mini 5

If you bought yourself a brand new iPad Air or iPad mini 5, the first thing you need to do is download apps onto it. New

The tablets offer the best features of the regular iPad and iPad Pro, both of which support Apple Pencil. This makes them great for creating and consuming content.

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We have collected for you the best applications thatallow you to enjoy a variety of content to the maximum, as well as make you more productive. Below is a list of the best apps for iPad Air 2019 and iPad mini 5.

Best Apps foriPad Air 2019 andiPad mini5

1. Procreate

If you bought an Apple Pencil with a new iPad,then you can invest in the application Procreate. It is designed for professionals, but anyone can use it. Try to sketch something in the application, and in the process you will understand how it works. You can also use YouTube instructions to learn how to draw, illustrate, and even calligraphy right in the app.

Download: Procreate ($749)

2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an inexpensive editor withcomponents of graphic design. Most often, the application is used for photo editing. It has a wide range of editing tools, like in Photoshop, but it's much easier to use them.

Download: Pixelmator ($399)

3. LumaFusion

LumaFusion - the only professionalvideo editor for iPad, it has everything you need and more. You can edit video in 4K, use multiple tracks with video and audio, etc. Standard features include transition effects, text slides, background music, and project export.

Download: LumaFusion (RUR 1,490)

4. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is editor for iPad. It is similar to Photoshop, but designed specifically for the touchscreen. You can work with an unlimited number of layers, customize the characteristics of brushes and much more.

Download: Affinity Photo (RUR 1,190)

5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer - vector appdesign. It looks like an Illustrator app. It can be used to create posters, brochures, etc. In this application it is very convenient to create something in vector format, convert it to raster and export.

Download: Affinity Designer (RUR 1,190)

6. iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile is a browser for professionalusers. This is the only iPad browser that supports extensions. They are called modules and deprive you of the need to visit some sites. In addition, in this browser it is very convenient to work with tabs, and there is a dark mode in it, which works even on sites.

Download: iCab Mobile (RUR 149)

7. Anntotable

Annotable is the best universal iPad annotation app. In it, you can add annotations to images, insert text, zoom in on parts of the image, use blur, etc.

Download: Annotable (Free)

8. Good Notes 5

Good Notes 5 has recently been updated andgot a new design. Now it's the best note taking app on your iPad. The new version fixes all the flaws of Good Notes 4. Now the length of notes is not limited, which is much more convenient. In the application, you can add notes to text, export notes in PDF format or as images, draw in notes, and more.

Download: Good Notes 5 (RUR 599)

9. iA Writer

iA Writer - the most beautiful and convenient applicationto work with text on iPad. The dark theme looks especially beautiful. There is nothing superfluous in the application, no editing tools. You will find the tools above the keyboard. In the application, you can use Dropbox synchronization or iCloud Drive.

Download: iA Writer (699 р.)

10. Fast teams

Quick Commands - Standard Apple Appto automate iOS 12. The new iPads are very powerful, but the iOS system holds them back. Using Commands, you can create complex chains of actions that will perform something that no application from the App Store is capable of. You can also upload ready-made quick commands to your device that are created by the same users.

Download: Quick Teams (Free)

11. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is surprisingly one ofbest email apps for iPad. The application is perfect for those who always have a full inbox. It has a box with priority letters, support for gestures, integration with the calendar and files. Most conveniently, you can open the incoming letter and start typing the answer on the same screen. Thanks to this, answering letters is very easy and convenient.

Download: Microsoft Outlook (Free)

12. Edison Mail

If you don't like Microsoft Outlook, EdisonEmail &#8211; another good option. Some consider it the best email app for iPhone and iPad. The application has many customization options; you can customize almost every element of it. You can use different mailboxes, tags and sections. It is very convenient to view emails with attached files. In addition, the application has support for convenient gestures.

Download: Edison Mail (Free)

13. LiquidText

The LiquidText application solves a major problem withwork with PDF files on the iPad. In it, you can select text in files, as well as add your own comments and annotations. This is a great app for students and editors.

Download: LiquidText (Free)

14. PCalc Lite

IPad does not have a standard calculator. There are many of these available in the App Store, but PCalc is the best. The free version is powerful enough, contains widgets, and there is no advertising in it. You can also use in-app purchases to add themes, etc.

Download: Pcalc Lite (Free)

15. Paper

Paper was one of the first applications fordrawing on the iPad, and it still remains a good option for everyday use. The application is convenient to draw, make sketches and just use your imagination.

Download: Paper (Free)

16. Evernote

Evernote for several years abandoned, but recentlyThere was an update with a new design, which brought him back into service. The application has a lot of features. There is support for notebooks, sockets, tags, etc. Now the application even supports Quick commands. If you need an advanced application for notes, then choose Evernote.

Download: Evernote (Free)

17. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is the only PDF manager thatneed your iPad. It is even better than Adobe applications for Mac. It can open PDF files, edit and update them, even if the files are not intended for editing. The application is also very convenient to fill out questionnaires and forms in PDF format, as well as sign documents.

Download: PDF Expert (RUR 749)

18. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator answers the question of all12-year-olds: “Why can't I just write examples by hand?” In the MyScript Calculator application, you can write complex calculations directly on the iPad screen and get the right answers.

Download: MyScript Calculator (229 р.)

19. ComiXology

ten.The 5-inch display of the new iPad Air is great for reading and watching movies. The screen is very bright, so the comics on it look even better. With the ComiXology app, you can subscribe to and read hundreds of amazing comics right on your iPad. You do not even have to buy each issue separately.

Download: ComiXology (Free)

20. Overcast

Overcast is the best podcast app for the iPhone, and it’s great for the iPad. You will get the same simple and convenient interface, intuitive operation and many more different functions.

Download: Overcast (Free)

21. 1Password

IOS 12 has a good built-in password manager. However, if you need something more reliable, download 1Password. Passwords in the application can be stored locally or in your cloud account. In iOS 12, passwords from the app can even be filled in automatically. With this application you will not have to keep all your passwords in your head, and you will be able to quickly and conveniently log in to sites and applications.

Download: 1Password (Free)

22. Pocket

Pocket is the most convenient way to save.interesting articles to read them later. You can save articles from anywhere, and then open them without connecting to the network. In addition, reading without ads and other distracting elements is much more convenient.

Download: Pocket (Free)

23. Netflix

Netflix is ​​very convenient to use on iPad Air and iPad mini 5. The new tablets are very light, but they have amazing displays and speakers. This application is necessary for all iPad users.

Download: Netflix (Free)

24. Kindle

Apple Books is a good application, but it is closedplatform with spiky prices. Kindle is the best application for reading electronic books. By purchasing a Kindle book, you can read it on all your devices. The iPad is especially nice to read study books with illustrations, since you can easily take notes on them.

Download: Kindle (Free)

25. Spotify

If you plan on listening to music on your iPad, then you need the Spotify app. It has a great interface, has useful recommendations and support for playlists.

Download: Spotify (Free)