Top iOS 3 games for February 2019

In this article, we decided to tell you about the three best free games for iPhone and iPad that were released in February


Our choice fell on the following games:

  • Squish machine: You need to have time to turn off the machine before it crushes you.
  • Gravitapapper: Move through the futuristic world of pleasant music, enjoying the stylish graphics.
  • Starlit on Wheels: Super Kart: Welcome to the main adventure of your life with the characters from Starlit Adventures.

Squish machine

This is an action puzzle game in which you need to defeat the car. The game has 144 fast levels and 16 cute characters that you can unlock. You will definitely enjoy the bright and funny design of this game.


This is a game of relaxing music, stylishgraphics and random level generation. It contains nine different topics. In addition, it does not spend much battery power and looks pretty good at the same time.

Starlit on Wheels: Super Kart

Go around obstacles and fight enemies from the Starlit universe. All this is happening in the spirit of funny and interesting adventures.

Drive unusual cars with super abilities, collect rewards, show off your trophies and create your own tracks for yourself and other players.

We did not take into account games released before February 2019, updates to older games, and paid games. The above games contain in-app purchases, but you don't have to make them.