Toshiba 2013 TV line

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Toshiba L7

Toshiba's 2013 line of TVs will hit store shelves in the foreseeable future. It included V

HD TVs of the L1, W1 and D1 series, state TVs L2 andW2, mid-price segment L4, L6 and L7 with support for Toshiba Cloud TV services and L9 Ultra HD TVs. The company has updated the design of its TVs to keep up with the times: thin frames and minimalistic stands are present.

L7 series TVs support 3D images inFull HD resolution, shutter technology is used, there is 2D to 3D conversion. All Toshiba HDTVs support proprietary picture enhancement technologies such as Active Motion &amp; Resolution (AMR) 50, 100 or 200, ensuring smooth video playback and clear images in dynamic scenes. All models have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter to support TV recording and content playback from various devices.

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Toshiba L9

Top line L9 &#8211; second generationultra-high-definition TVs Ultra HD (UHD), the line includes 3 models: 213 cm (84 inches), 165 cm (65 inches) and 146 cm (58 inches). The TVs use multi-core Toshiba CEVOTM 4K processors for higher quality content display, and support upscale (video scaling function to Ultra HD resolution). All models in the line reproduce 3D video in Full HD format. Panels with diagonals of 84 and 65 inches are built on the basis of passive technology, the 58-inch model requires glasses with active LCD shutters. There is 2D to 3D conversion with the ability to control the depth of the stereo effect.

All L4, L6, L7 and L9 series models supportInternet services Toshiba Cloud TV is its own version of Smart TV, which combines options for accessing online content, exchanging short messages between users, a family calendar, weather forecast and much more. Prices and delivery times, as well as more detailed characteristics of the TVs, have not yet been announced.