Travel company from the United States will build a fully electric boats for excursions to Niagara Falls

The catamaran-like vessels are being developed at the Maid of the Mist plant in Virginia. If the company succeeds

carry out its plan, the ships will become the first all-electric ships built in the United States.

The ships will use lithium-ion batteries with fast charging technology. To charge them at 80%, it takes only seven minutes, the company said.

Boats are built in the form of modules that will bedelivered to the waters of Niagara Falls for assembly at the end of the month. They are expected to be used in September and will replace the two older vessels built in 1990 and 1997.

Earlier it was reported that the British company HybridAir Vehicles will develop an all-electric engine for the Airlander 10 hybrid flying blimp - prospectively the largest aircraft in the world. The development budget will be $ 1.4 million.