Trump accused "disgusting video games" of mass shootings, bringing down stocks of EA and Activision

For 24 hours in Texas and Ohio, there were two cases of mass executions, during which 29 people died. This

the tragedy allowed politicians to re-enable the old disc about the dangers of video games.

What is known

The first to make a statement was US President Donald Trump, urging society not to romanticize violence, and to be stricter about "terrible video games."

“We must stop the romanticization of violence inour society. This applies to disgusting and terrible video games that have become commonplace. Today, it’s too difficult for teens to immerse themselves in a culture that praises violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, ”Trump said.

The president also poked a finger on the Internet, which, according to him, serves as a source of radicalization of unbalanced people.

US President's words have already affected the gamingindustry. According to MarketWatch, after Trump’s performance, Activision Blizzard shares fell -5.96%, Take-Two Interactive fell -5.19% and Electronic Arts lost -4.63% of the value of securities.

In turn, the American Association of Software and Computer Game Manufacturers ESA has already denied Trump's words:

“As we said at the meeting regardingvideo games in the White House in March 2018, numerous scientific studies have shown that there is no causal relationship between video games and violence ... Video games make a positive contribution to the development of society thanks to new treatment methods and achievements in the field of medicine, educational tools, business innovations and much more to another. Video games help players communicate with family and friends, relieve stress and have fun. ”