Turnstiles of the Moscow metro began to equip face recognition technology

The test project has been underway since 2018, but metro representatives do not talk about its goals. Now

The camera is used to ensure security, but in the future they can be used to pay for travel.

According to the metro staff, “the decision tothe final configuration and architecture of the project, the order of its implementation and the timing of the work has not yet been adopted. ” VisionLabs has become the developer of the face recognition system.

Recently, Moscow at the Frunzenskaya metro stationthe police detained a man who was wanted for more than a year. The offender was detained with the help of cameras with facial recognition technology, which are installed in public transport in Moscow, as well as at central stations.

The face recognition system is able to fix 20persons per second. After that, the neural network checks the images with the federal database, and in case of coincidence, it calls the precinct. In total, the program will install 170 cameras in Moscow public transport and over 90 servers.