Twitter will ban users who wish others death

The social network tightened its rules after tens of thousands of "offensive

messages "related to the fact that the President of the United StatesDonald Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The company representatives reiterated that, according to the current rules, tweets that want or hope for the death of someone are prohibited, they will block users for doing so.

Twitter explained that this rule existedand earlier - since the spring of 2019, but they had to remind about it again because of the "flurry of messages related to the latest news." Since June 2019, you cannot write messages on the social network that indicate “the desire or hope that a person or group of people will receive serious physical, mental harm or die. The rule includes but is not limited to this clause. "

Twitter will voice audio and video

Public Relations Twitterexplained that violation of these rules may lead to account suspension. If the rule violation occurs again, the user will need to delete the tweet, after which the account will be unblocked. However, repeated violation may result in a longer account ban.

Twitter representatives stated that theyhave already blocked "hundreds of users" who have violated these rules over the past three days. Among them were messages that related to Donald Trump, and also contained a tag of his account.

In the summer of 2020, the social network Twitter introducednew feature - messages that can be sent by voice. Since then, engineers have received many requests to introduce transcription for voice messages as part of an initiative to promote accessibility for deaf users. Now Twitter has introduced this feature - it's available in the iOS app from today.

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