Twitter has banned any political advertising worldwide

Twitter has decided to completely abandon political advertising, without exception.

What and when will be banned

The ban comes into force on November 22, and a week earlier, on November 15, the company promises to issue a detailed statement about this.

“We decided to stop all political advertising on Twitter around the world,” wrote Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

The ban applies to all announcements relating to certain parties and candidates. That is, it will be possible to agitate to come to the polls, but to urge to vote for someone specific is not.


Of course, Twitter loses profit as a result. Ned Segal, financial director of the company, said that last year political advertising in the United States brought less than $ 3 million. Despite this, Twitter’s position is fundamental: political advertising poses risks to politics, as it can be used to influence voters and affect the lives of millions of people.

In addition, many politicians are lying, and the social network cannot accurately moderate such advertising.

“It’s unacceptable for us to say: “We are doing our best to prevent people from disseminating misleading information on our sites, but if someone pays for targeted political advertising ... they can say whatever they want!” We are sure that the coverage of political ideas should be deserved, and not to be bought. People should see political messages when they consciously subscribe to politicians, and not when politicians buy a place in their feed, ”Dorsey emphasized.

By the way, rival Twitter Facebook did not refuse to advertise.

“We have a democracy, and I don’t think it’s right forprivate companies to censor politicians and news. Advertising can be an important part for self-expression - especially for candidates and groups who do not receive support from the media. It’s difficult to determine where to draw the line. Should we block ads on important political issues such as climate change or women's empowerment? I think it’s better to increase the transparency of such ads. Now on Facebook you can find all the statistics for each launched advertising campaign - neither television nor print media do this, ”said Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg.