Twitter is about to introduce its subscription, - according to data miners

The application of the popular social network Twitter has been closely tackled by software research specialists. They managed to find out

that the social network is preparing for the introduction of a subscription for $ 2.99 per month. There are also opinions that the subscription will be gradual - different chips for different money.

What is known?

Dataminer Jane Manchun Wong found out thatthe subscription was named Twitter Blue. Little is known of the new features: after posting a tweet, users will have time to unpublish; it is also planned to introduce collections of bookmarks that can be placed in folders. Another feature is "clutter-free reading", but no one knows what it includes.

Earlier, Twitter introduced a support system for authors - the Twitter Tip Jar, or "tip jar", thanks to which users could "say thank you" for a penny.

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