Two companies control 77% of the US smartphone market, and Motorola entered the top 3 after LG's departure

Counterpoint analytical agency has published the results of the US smartphone market research for the third quarter of 2021

of the year.

What is known

77% of the market is controlled by two companies.You might have guessed that these are Samsung and Apple. They increased supplies by 18% and 9%, respectively. The share of the former increased from 30% to 35% compared to the third quarter of 2020. The second took 42% of the market against 39% a year earlier. As you can see, the gap narrowed from 9% to 7%.

LG's withdrawal from the market allowed Motorola to enter the top three. Its share was 8% (7% a year earlier). Moreover, the company managed to break away from TCL, which controls 5% of the market (6% a year earlier).

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The top five also includes the Chinese brand OnePlus.Its share was 3%. The rest of the companies together control 7% of the market (17% a year earlier). In total, 1% more smartphones were delivered in the reporting period than in the third quarter of 2020.

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