Amazfit Zenbuds TWS Sleep Headphones Launches Indiegogo With $ 69 Price Tag

Huami (a daughter of Xiaomi) at the beginning of this year announced unusual Amazfit Zenbuds TWS headphones, and now they

appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

What is known

Amazfit Zenbuds are earplugs thatneeded not to listen to music, but to monitor the quality of sleep. Each earphone weighs only 1.78 g and has a special partition that prevents it from falling out of the ear. Amazfit Zenbuds has soundproofing as well as a heart rate sensor and body tracking function. They also know how to analyze activity data during sleep.

You can’t listen to ordinary music in Amazfit Zenbuds, but they have a library with special sounds of nature. They can be turned on before bedtime.

The headphones also boast an alarm clock andPomodoro Timer mode, which turns on the noise canceling system every 25 minutes. According to the company, this will help the user take a break from the surrounding sounds.

From a single charge in the “sleep analysis” mode, the headphones will work for 12 hours, and with music the autonomy will be 8 hours. A charging case will increase this figure to 56 hours. It is charged via the USB-C port.


Now crowdfunding for Amazfit Zenbuds asking$ 69, but then they will cost $ 149. First deliveries are scheduled for fall. By the way, initially the manufacturer was going to attract $ 20,000 to the project, but already managed to raise more than $ 280,000.

Source: Indiegogo

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