ULA conducts 6-second fire test of 62m Vulcan Centaur rocket

With a delay of almost two weeks, ULA was still able to conduct a fire test of the engines of the Vulcan rocket

Centaur.Tests were scheduled for the end of May, but they had to be postponed due to technical problems.

What is known

ULA wanted to test on May 25th.However, the company sent the rocket to the hangar for testing due to a technical malfunction of the booster. Judging by the fact that the test nevertheless took place, all problems were solved.

Vulcan Centaur powered by two BE-4 enginesand two RL-10s manufactured by Blue Origin and Rocketdyne, respectively. It is also possible to install six more additional accelerators.

A fire test was carried out at the CapeCanaveral in Florida. The purpose of the test was to confirm the readiness of the rocket for launch. The test lasted 6 seconds, and the company stated that all targets were achieved.

ULA planned to launch a rocket into space in the spring,but the launch was delayed by an explosion that damaged the upper stage during one of the tests. The company believes that Vulcan Centaur will be able to go into space before the end of summer, but has not yet named a date.