Unlocking using a face on a Galaxy S10 is easy to fool

Almost all modern smartphones have a facial recognition function. Only for some it works

safe, and from other manufacturers this is nothing more than a marketing trick. Which phones do you think the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is included in?

Face unlock

Of course, we did not expect any super technologies.from the Korean manufacturer in the implementation of facial recognition, given that it uses a two-dimensional system. But still, we want to remind you once again that the use of this feature in the new product is not safe.

If on phones from Apple or suchAndroid devices like the Mate 20 Pro use a 3D scanning system, but this is not the case here. This means that the smartphone can be easily unlocked using your photo or video of you. And even with the help of a stranger who has facial features similar to you. Samsung itself warns in its recognition option settings that faster facial recognition increases speed but reduces security, increasing the likelihood that a video or image will be incorrectly recognized.

Thus, if you really want to protect your data on the device, we recommend using protection using a fingerprint scanner on the display.