Updated design, new animation and analogue of Google Lens: screenshots of the One UI 5.0 shell based on Android 13 for Samsung smartphones appeared on the network

Edition 9to5Google got a test version of the new shell for Samsung smartphones.

What is known

So One UI 5.0

will be based on the Android 13 operating system. The shell will receive a new interface. For example, developers will change the appearance of notifications.

</ img>

Also in the system will change the application permissions interface.

</ img>

According to the leak, One UI 5.0 will still have an analogue of Google Lens. The function will be called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). With it, users will be able to copy text on photos.

</ img>

Also in the system it is worth waiting for the updated section "Security", new animation and much more.

</ img>

By the way, the official release of the beta version of One UI 5.0 should take place this month.

Source: 9to5Google

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