US recognizes Russian fighter missiles as one of the best for air supremacy

A material appeared on the network in which American experts spoke about Russian guided missiles

air-to-air class R-37M and K-77M. Discuss

Experts included these models in the list of "the most effective air-launched missiles." This list was compiled by Military Watch.

According to experts from the United States, the rocket is largeThe R-37M is a continuation of the development of the R-37 - it was created as a weapon for the MiG-31M interceptors. The ammunition carries a warhead weighing 60 kg and is capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 400 km.

This missile is equipped with such fighters as the Su-35S and Su-57.

In turn, the K-77M medium-range ammunition boasts a radar with an active phased antenna array - it is responsible for high accuracy.