Users are dissatisfied with the cost of Redmi K20 and demand to lower prices through a petition

At the end of May, the Xiaomi Redmi sub-brand introduced two new smartphone models - Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. In India they did

It went on sale recently, but users are already unhappy.

What's the matter?

For Indian residents, Redmi K20 seemed too expensive. Its price in China is $290; in India, price tags start at 22 thousand rupees, which is about $320.

Realme X is given as an example:for 20 thousand rupees you can buy a version with 8/128 GB of memory, and not 6/64 GB, like the Redmi K20. True, this does not take into account that the Redmi K20 has a more powerful processor (Snapdragon 730 versus Snapdragon 710), and the cameras are different.

Users went beyond the usual outrage and created a petition demanding a reduction in the price of the smartphone. At the time of writing, these demands were supported by more than 3,200 people out of 5,000 needed.

Really expensive?

The head of the Xiaomi division had to take the rapIndia to Manu Kumar Jain, who received complaints from local residents. According to him, processors are not cheap these days, and the Redmi K20 Pro is the most affordable smartphone in India with the Snapdragon 855 chip.

In addition, owners of Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro became the proud owners of smartphones without advertising, unlike other models of the company.

Let us remind you that we only released the younger version of the Redmi K20, but under a different name - Xiaomi Mi 9T. In Europe, prices start from €329, in Ukraine - from 9,999 hryvnia, and so far no one is complaining.

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