Vampire Survivor V Rising hits 2.5 million copies

The number of Stunlock Studios joining the project continues to grow. Sales of V Rising have slowed down, but the game shows

great result for a project in early access.

The developers reported that in almost three months the circulation of V Rising was 2.5 million copies sold. Recall that the survivor earned his first million only a week later, and the second one a month later.

In V Rising, gamers are given control of a vampire,recently awakened from a long sleep. During hibernation, the bloodsucker has weakened, so he needs to gain strength. He must drink blood, fight monsters, and also build his own castle.

Stunlock has hinted that by the sweat of her brow she is working onnew content. The team promised to tell about it as soon as possible. Previously, the studio planned that the full release of V Rising would take place a year after the launch in early access. The team focused on the PC version, but expressed interest in porting the game to the console.