“Vanilla” World of Warcraft Classic will be released in August, but Blizzard will let you play earlier

This summer, World of Warcraft fans will be able to return to the classic world of Azeroth, untouched by updates.


Blizzard announced that it's time for gamers to celebrateon the calendar August 27, 2019. Some lucky ones will be allowed to play World of Warcraft Classic before the official release. On May 22, the developers will conduct the first stress test of the servers, launching players into the “vanilla world” of Azeroth. Testing will end the very next day, and the remaining two stability checks are planned for June 19 and July 18.

Gamers will be invited to test the servers,who already play World of Warcraft, but will still have to apply for participation. Blizzard will select candidates based on various criteria, including total time spent in the world of Azeroth and participation in past beta testing. In the comments, gamers are advised to go to “Account Management” and update the beta settings to get a chance to get into the test.

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