Virgin Atlantic to test Vertical Aerospace VX4 air taxi at Heathrow Airport

The British company Virgin Galactic will test the VX4 air taxi, developed by startup Vertical Aerospace.

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Agreement between Virgin Galactic and VerticalAerospace provides for two test flights. As part of the first test, the VX4 will fly from Bristol's main airport to another airport in the southwest of England.

The second test will take place in London.The air taxi will take off from Heathrow Airport and head towards the VTOL airport. The vertiport is being built by Skyports.

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Another stage of air taxi testing is scheduled forspring 2024. Vertical Aerospace and Babcock International will explore the VX4's ability to provide emergency assistance and cargo services. Companies want to study the behavior of taxis in the air, the operation of the navigation system and the charging station. The accompanying infrastructure will also be assessed.

Source: Bloomberg (1, 2)

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