Visa launches voice payment in cafes and restaurants with the help of "Alice"

The project is being implemented in conjunction with the Bartello food and beverage service.

To place and pay for an order

voice, Visa card holders of any Russianbanks should ask the voice assistant "Alice" on a smartphone or tablet to call the Bartello skill. Then "Alice" will ask which establishment the client is in, what he wants to order, and will take the order from him, which will be transferred to the restaurant's kitchen. For payment, a page will open, on which, during the first use, you need to enter the card details. After adding the card, "Alice" will ask you to create a code word, which will later be used to confirm the payment.

Within the first three months from the dateWhen registering, users who pay by voice with a Visa card will have discounts: 10% for all meals in restaurants, 70% for the first order of certain drinks, 25% for all subsequent orders of some drinks during this time.

As a Visa spokesman explained, the technology is notassociated with biometrics. So far, payment by voice is not very common in the market due to the fact that smartphone manufacturers do not make a special authenticator out of it, which can be used to confirm the payment.

However, according to Visa, over the past three yearsthe popularity of voice assistants has doubled: in the world, more than 30% of consumers use various services with voice assistants, and 10% make purchases with their help. Over the past year, the number of people using voice solutions based on artificial intelligence to pay for goods and services has grown by a quarter, they say in the payment system.

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