Vivo patented a smartphone with a swivel part, like the Nokia 3250

Remember the legendary Nokia 3250, which many dreamed of in their time? So, Vivo seems to have conceived a similar

gadget, but in a modern way.

What's cooking

Patent documentation for a smartphone with an unusualdesign appeared in the database of the China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

Outwardly, this is an ordinary smartphone with a framelessdisplay, but in fact, its bottom can rotate 180 degrees. Only if the Nokia 3250 had a regular block with a camera, player and keyboard, here it is a part of the display. It can display a virtual keyboard or other useful information.

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In addition, in the images you can see the USB Type-C connector, a triple main camera and a front camera in an oblong cutout in the center.

So far, this is just a patent, so it's unclear if Vivo will bring this idea to life. By the way, Xiaomi has a similar idea.

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