Walmart sues Tesla after solar panel fires in store

Walmart sued Tesla (Elon Musk's electric car and clean energy company) after

after solar roof panels caught fire at seven of the chain's stores.

According to Walmart, similar incidents wereassociated with inadequate security controls for panels from Tesla. Poor grounding, an abundance of technical defects, and a tech-savvy inspection are Tesla's sins that Walmart could not forgive.

A chain of stores accused Tesla of violating conditionscontract, gross negligence and violation of industry standards. Walmart demanded not only to compensate all the damage, but also to remove the solar panels from more than 240 stores in the network.

At the same time, Tesla is actively fighting for itsbusiness in the field of alternative energy sources, therefore negative publicity can significantly reduce the pace of development of the industry. The stock market is already seeing a fall in the company's shares.