War through the eyes of a peaceful person: the game Ukraine War Stories has been released, based on real events that followed the Russian attack on Ukraine

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The Ukrainian studio Starni Games released the game Ukraine War Stories about the terrible events that followed after the start

Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The visual novel game consists of threereal stories: military operations in the small town of Gostomel, a terrible massacre by the invaders in Bucha, and the ruthless destruction of the once prosperous Mariupol.

The main characters will be civilians of Ukraine, who find themselves in the most difficult living conditions and who are trying to get out of the cities besieged by the enemy.

All events of the game have a real basis and are based on eyewitness accounts. The images used in Ukraine War Stories are real photos taken in the cities mentioned in the story.

This is not a commercial project, the goal of the developers isto show the world the barbaric war unleashed by Russia in the very heart of Europe, in the once peaceful and hardworking Ukraine. As in other games of this genre, gamers read the text and from time to time choose one of several options for further events.

Ukraine War Stories is already available on Steam for free.

The project supports twelve languages, so the whole world can learn about the war crimes of the Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that Ukraine War Stories is just a game, it fully reflects the situation in which Ukraine and its people find themselves.

Glory to Ukraine!