Wargaming introduces Sturmpanzer VI battle mode to World of Tanks, but temporarily

Wargaming continues to celebrate the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks. The game is already the third act of the event in which players

will receive a new temporary mode.

What is known

The WoT introduces battles on the Sturmtigra, where playersfight on Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger. According to the game’s game designer Dmitry Trofimov, the developers could not enter the car for balance reasons, and there is no similar equipment in World of Tanks. Therefore, in honor of the anniversary of Wargaming, they decided to add a mode where players will be on an equal footing.

“Sturmtiger” is a very interesting page inhistory of armored vehicles. It is because of the uniqueness of this machine that we have not been able to integrate it into the game all these years. The armor of the Sturmpanzer VI is level VI or VII, but the caliber of the gun ... is something. 380 mm means a gap of 140 mm from the second place, ”says Dmitry Trofimov, game designer at World of Tanks.

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Battles will take place between teams of 10 to 10,where each "tanker" gets at the disposal of the Sturmpanzer VI. The locations for the battles were chosen by Ensk, Mines, Widepark, Tundra and Airfield. The tank’s power was not cut, and the car deals 3000 damage with a HE shell and 7000 cumulative.

The fighting mode on the Sturmtigra will be available from June 17-24.

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