Wargaming Launches Third Season of World of Tanks with New Key Vehicles and Battle Pass

Wargaming has announced a new Battle Pass coming to World of Tanks with the arrival of Season 3.

Battle Pass WoT

The season starts on September 17 and will last until 7December. The rules remain the same: by participating in random battles (in addition to the "General Battle") with tanks of level 6 or higher, players will earn points for unlocking the Battle Pass stages.

For winning and getting into the top 3, tankers receiveseven points each, and the fourth to fifth places will receive only 5 points. The losing team gets 5 and 3 points, respectively. The key technique will allow you to earn more points. In the third season, these are the Soviet "heavy" IS-4 and the American T110E5.

Players who complete all 45 stages of the mainprogressions will receive one of two unique crew members and a special 3D styling for the IS-4 or T110E5. Upgraded Pass holders will receive both 3D styles. To open each stage, you need to score 50 points.

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For the most stubborn, there are additional 100 stages of the elite progression with their own rewards, which include a special in-game currency - bonds.

To complete the entire season, you will need several tanks, since each vehicle has a point limit:

  • VI level - 100
  • VII level - 250
  • VIII level - 400
  • Tier IX - 550
  • X - 700
  • KingTiger - 700
  • T-44-100 - 700
  • IS-4 - 1000
  • T110E5 - 1000

Players without the required Premium tanks will be able to rent them to complete certain stages of the Battle Pass.

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