Wargaming is giving away “nuclear tanks” in honor of the fifth anniversary of World of Tanks: Blitz

Wargaming is celebrating the fifth anniversary of mobile World of Tanks: Blitz by launching a celebratory event.

What is known

From 19 to 26

June players will be able to compete for 75 prize moneycontainers with boosters and premium cars. In addition, gamers who visit Blitz during the holiday period can receive three legendary tanks with nuclear engines: T-34, Sherman Firefly and ELC bis. Newcomers to mobile World of Tanks will also be treated to gifts. Gamers who register during the holiday period will receive a premium account for 5 days and a German Pz tank. III A.

Wargaming boasted that over a 5-year periodWorld of Tanks: Blitz has been downloaded 120 million times, and 1.5 million players play on the servers per day. In addition, there is more content in the game, and if only 90 tanks were available at launch, the “park” now includes 370 armored vehicles. Plus, Blitz features a unique nation build that includes vehicles from Warhammer 40,000 and Valkyria Chronicles.