Watch the hydrogen superyacht 'fly' over the water at 75 knots

Italian design house Lazzarini has unveiled the concept of the 74m Plectrum hydrogen-powered superyacht.

elements. It will be equipped with an innovative hydrofoil system, with which the yacht will be able to reach speeds of up to 75 knots (almost 140 km/h). The ship is expected to be launched in 2025.

Superyacht Plectrum. Video: Lazzarini

The yacht, which is still under development,positioned as one of the fastest in its category. It is designed to achieve maximum speed, "flying over the waterline," the developers say. Plectrum uses three 5000 hp hydrogen engines. each to rise above the water.

The Plectrum wing system is flexibly adjustable todepending on the task, and the width can be changed from 15 m when stationary to 20 when moving at cruising speed. It is also noted that the superyacht will be built entirely from dry composite materials based on carbon fiber.

Hydrofoils during movement and parking. Images: Lazzarini

The yacht's living quarters are located on fourdecks and include six guest cabins and an owner's cabin. At the same time, a hangar for helicopters, a central garage for two tenders (flat-bottomed boat), a rear garage for various boats and a car are placed on board the ship. The preliminary price of such a yacht will be €80 million.

Yacht Plectrum. Images: Lazzarini

This is not the first unusual ship concept from Lazzarini. Previously, Hi-Tech talked about a yacht that floats and flies on airships with helium.

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On the cover: Plectrum yacht. Image: Lazzarini