“We are crooked, sorry”: the Ministry of Digital Investigation mistakenly sent a status revocation notification to IT companies

Yesterday, on August 24, the Ministry of Digital Transformation accidentally sent out letters to accredited IT companies that revokes their

status. Concerned people began to actively discuss this in the Telegram chat “Grants and Benefits for IT”. Fortunately, it became clear that the letters were a mistake. Discuss

The specialists managed to contact the ministry.They explained that there was a technical failure at the portal "Gosuslugi". A little later, in the chat, a user with the nickname “Max Sh” and the signature “Head of the Ministry of Digital Development” wrote the following: “Guys, we are crooked. Sorry". The media write that this is really the head of the department Maksut Shadayev.

Today, chat participants shared new letters from Gosuslug, which say that their accreditation is in order. The companies are still in the state register.