WeatherBoard 2 for iOS 9: Animated Weather Wallpaper on Lock Screen

If you’re used to closely monitoring the weather, then this news is for you - on iOS 9 WeatherBoard comes, tweak,

Placing weather information directly on the lock screen.

WeatherBoard 2 displays weather data suchlike current temperature or maximum / minimum temperature per day, under the clock on the Lock-screen. Swipe to the left opens additional information: forecast for a day or for a week.



WeatherBoard is loved for its special feature: Tweak adjusts the animated wallpaper on the lock screen according to weather changes. For example, if it rains, the wallpaper will change to rain animation. In total, there are about 80 such thematic wallpapers.

After installing WeatherBoard 2 in SettingsA separate tweak settings window appears in which you can select your location and enable or disable the weather forecast on the lock screen. If it is turned on, you can also adjust the position of the forecast on the screen, under the clock or in the lower left corner.

Unit of temperature, degrees Fahrenheitor Celsius, is selected in the settings of the stock application Weather. Tweak can import your location from the Weather, or, as has been said, you can configure it yourself.

WeatherBoard 2 is extremely convenient when you need to quickly find out the weather forecast without unlocking the device. Well, beautiful animated wallpapers give tweaks a special charm.

If you want to download this tweak to yourself, it can be done for $ 2.49 in the BigBoss repo. Download and share your opinion in the comments!