What do we know about Apple's first 6K display?

Recently, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his thoughts on Apple's plans for this year. He believes that in 2019

the company will release a monitor with 6K resolution.

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The analyst's opinion is based on information from suppliers, so it may not correspond to reality, even though Ming-Chi Kuo is the most accurate Apple analyst.

According to rumors, the LCD monitor will be 31.6 inches diagonally. For comparison, the Thunderbolt Display was 27 inches diagonally.

The first6K-display fromApple

In addition to 6K resolution, the display will be backlitMini LED with excellent picture quality. Kuo describes the monitor as a “6K3K” display, i.e. 6000 pixels horizontally and 3000 pixels vertically. The aspect ratio of the display is 16: 9, and the full resolution is 6400 × 3600 pixels.

Apple already uses 3200x1800 resolution for the 5K iMac, and 6400x3600 is twice that. This is a big leap from the 5K displays in the iMac line.

A 6K display with a resolution of 6400 × 3600 will have 23,040,000 pixels compared to 14,745,600 pixels in 5K displays with a resolution of 5120 × 2880. The resolution will be increased by 44%, which is very impressive.

Here’s how the 6K display compares with nine 1080p screens.

The 6K display contains as many as 9 1080p displays, and there is still room.

What does backlight mean?Mini LED?

Some areas of the backlight can be turned off andturn on separately, unlike the current displays, which are fully illuminated. The effect is similar to the work of OLED displays, and thanks to it the contrast will be better. In addition, this technology is more economical.

The 6K display will be significantly larger than the 27-inch display of the Thunderbolt Display, which the company stopped selling in June 2016.


The 5K iMac and iMac Pro have 27 "displays, butBoth devices have large frames around displays. The entire front surface of such a 5K iMac is less than 31.6 inches diagonally. This means that one 6K display will be larger than the entire 5K iMac front panel, along with frames around the screen.

The larger the display, the larger the pixels, i.e. display quality will be better. Eye strain will be less. Display size compensates for high resolution. The number of pixels per inch will be slightly larger than that of the 5K iMac: 226 vs. 218.

Back in 2016, there were rumors that Apple was workingover external display with integrated graphic card. This seemed unlikely, given the support for external GPUs through the Thunderbolt port.

What doesApple

Phil Schiller of Apple in April 2017 said the following:

We plan to completely change the Mac Pro. We are working on it, we have a whole team. We want to not only improve it, but also add something new. We want to make the computer the most powerful in the line. It will be targeted for professional users.

We will make and professional display. This year, the new computer will not work, because the work is in full swing. We want to create something beautiful for our users who want a Mac Pro. It will take a lot of time.

A month later, the following message appeared on the iMac Pro page:

In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple also works onbrand new Mac Pro new generation, aimed at professional users who need a powerful and compact computer with a decent display.

Apple still recommends using external LG UltraFine 4K and 5K displays with Macs.

Maybe soon the professionals will not have touse third-party monitors, and they can fully immerse themselves in the ecosystem of Apple. This also applies to ordinary users who love good monitors with excellent quality.