What if you lost your iPhone?

The loss or theft of your phone is a very unpleasant and offensive event in your life. Despite,

that we all try to be careful and followfor their gadgets, errors happen and the iPhone / iPad is lost every day. If you have lost your device, there are several ways that can help you find or at least prevent your data from falling into the hands of attackers.

Mandatory measures

I advise all iPhone and iPad users, yetWhen buying, be sure to enable the “Find my iPhone” function. If you have an iOS device with Siri, you can also tell her that you are the owner of the iPhone or iPad, and can start creating contact information for yourself. Thus, if a kind person finds your telephone, he or she can simply ask Siri, “Whose phone is this?” And she will immediately display all your contact information.



You must also save and record the IMEI of your iPhone. IMEI number can be found by going to Settings -> General -> About this device. With this number, you can contactyour mobile operator and inform them that your device has been stolen, and they can blacklist the device to prevent this phone from accessing the cellular network. If you have the “Find My Phone” function turned on, you need to log into your iCloud account, go to “Find iPhone”, and select or delete the phone, put it into “Lost mode” or “Play sound” . This is the easiest and most effective way to find your lost iPhone or iPad. There are also third-party applications such asLookout that help in finding and protecting lost or stolen iPhone. But if you haven’t installed these applications in advance, there are a few more important things you can do.

What should I do if I lose my iPhone or iPad?

Here is a list of actions you should do, before and after losing the iPhone or iPad.

If you have not lost your device:

  1. Create and enable password or Touch ID
  2. Download and enable “Find My iPhone”
  3. Make daily backups of your device
  4. Save IMEI Number

If you have already lost the device:

  1. Call him
  2. Use “Find My iPhone” to play sound (if you are sure that the device is somewhere nearby)
  3. Use “Find My iPhone” to switch to “Lost Mode” (the device will be blocked by an access code). If you think that your phone will most likely not be returned soon or at all, you will need to take more decisive measures (paragraph 4)
  4. Use the “Find My iPhone” - “Erase iDevice” function to erase all data from your device.
  5. File a police report
  6. Change the passwords of all your inboxes, social networks and other personal applications.

We hope you never lose yoursdevice, but if you follow these steps, you can at least be sure that you have done everything possible to find your device and protect your data.