What to give a girl on March 8? 10 tech gifts

The stereotype that girls love the technique, only if it is pink and covered with sparkles, has long been in the past.

The technology industry is changing for the better, and users are changing. How about giving the girl not the first pink headphones that came along, but what she really likes?

Like a girl who has been writing about for several yearstechnology and innovation, I looked at hundreds of gadgets and accessories that somehow focused on the female audience, and collected this collection of universal gifts for every taste and wallet.

Marshall column

Although the Marshall technique has always been differentquite industrial and masculine designs, their new Bluetooth speakers look neat and elegant enough, while preserving the brand's rock-and-roll aesthetics. The Stanmore column is available in soft cream colors with fittings in pinkish gold that will look great on the shelf and sound equally good. If your girlfriend is not a fan of pastel shades, pay attention to the classic black colors.

Buy Marshall Stanmore

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