What was not told at the presentation: detailed characteristics of the Apple Watch Series 7 became known

At the presentation on September 14, Apple introduced the Watch Series 7 smart watch, but, as usual, pointed far

not all characteristics of the model. Fortunately, an internal document has been leaked online that fixes this.

What is known

So, in the document Watch Series 7 compares withpredecessors in the face of Series 6, Series 3 and SE. The most noticeable detail is the weight. The 41mm version of the Apple Watch Series 7 weighs just 32 grams with an aluminum case, 42.3 grams in the stainless steel version and 37 grams in the titanium assembly. The 45mm version has 38.8 grams (aluminum), 51.5 grams (stainless steel) and 45.1 grams (titanium).

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An S7 System-in-Package processor is installed inside(SiP), which is claimed to be 20% faster than the S5 SiP in the Apple Watch SE. Unfortunately, there is no comparison with the S6. The amount of built-in memory remains the same - 32 GB.

In addition, 50% louder speaker is indicated,than the Watch SE, 18-hour battery life, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 5.0, and fast charging that recharges the battery to 80% in about 45 minutes.

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