What you misunderstood about computer RAM

Many people rely on stereotypes when choosing and buying RAM modules. And indeed with

not so few myths are associated with these components. Here are five of them. Discuss

There are several facts related to RAM that are actually misconceptions. But many users believe in it.

  1. It is impossible to install RAM strips of different sizes and different brands. This is not true.The most important thing in this case is the availability of support for RAM modules by the motherboard. At the same time, you need to understand that this can still worsen the speed of the computer. What really cannot be done is to set the bar related to different generations: for example, to DDR4 and DDR3.

  2. Overclocking is not required. Once it really was. But today it is known that when the RAM is overclocked from 2400 MHz to 2900 MHz, the image processing speed will increase by 20 percent.

  1. Radiators are less likely to break. In general, the RAM can not heat upas strong as the processor and video adapter chip (for example, up to 200 degrees Celsius). Therefore, there is no particular point in buying such devices (with radiators).

  2. 64-bit Windows can run with any amount of RAM. Each version of Windows has a maximumpossible indicators of the amount of RAM. Let's say in Windows 7 Starter it's no more than 2 GB, so even if you install more RAM, the system simply won't see it.

  3. DDR3L and DDR3 cannot be installed on the same motherboard. Although DDR3L is required to operate at 0.15 V less, both DDR3L and DDR3 can be placed together.